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Supplements That Can Help Fight A Cold And 3 Natural Ways to Fight It

With the weather getting colder, it increases the risk of the common cold or cold. In some cases, when there is a temperature drop, it might mean it's time to take out all those supplements that can help boost your immune system and prevent you from getting sick.

However, with several supplements available on the market, you might be investing in a supplement that eventually wastes money.

So, as a registered dietitian, I'll explain which supplements I typically recommend (those with enough scientific evidence to back up their claims) in this article. Additionally, I'll share with you 3immune-boosting tips that are not supplement-related.

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Can Certain Types Of Common Gut Bacteria Increase Our Risk Of Heart Disease?

There is growing evidence that common gut bacteria are associated with the development of major blockages of the coronary arteries. These bacteria are generally considered good bacteria because they live in our gut, where they have a beneficial effect on our health. However, doctors and clinical researchers are now finding...

Green-lipped Mussel Oil or NSAIDs: Which Is The Better Long-Term Support For Healthy Joints & Improved Flexibility?

For the longest time, we have relied on over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication from the pharmacy, such as NSAIDs, to help manage our chronic joint pain. But is the constant daily use of NSAIDs really helping to improve our health or hurting us? Can NSAIDs actually address the root cause of...

How To Restore Gut Health After Antibiotics

A healthy gut microbiome plays a crucial role in your health. The gut in your intestines can help regulate your immune system and hormones and reduce the risk of chronic illness. When you take antibiotics, it wipes all your bacteria. Either good or bad. So, now that you have a...

The Perfect Combination of Products to Live An Active and Healthy Lifestyle Over 40 years old

Once we reach 40 years old, some of us will start to notice changes in our muscle strength and joint mobility. These changes are not simply a figment of our imagination, according to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine researchers in Baltimore, Maryland, but a real phenomenon. Read More

Best Nutrition for High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. There are many forms of heart disease. Two of the most common are high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. It is common to hear someone taking medication to lower their blood pressure or cholesterol levels. While this can...

7 Science-based Ways to Improve Your Gut Microbiome

In the human body, there are more than a trillion microorganisms living, mostly in our intestines. The research continually highlights the importance of these gut microbes in sustaining optimum health. In this post, we'll take a closer look at the human microbiome, its significance, and some scientifically proven methods for improving...

Top 5 Reasons You Are Tired All the Time (And How to Fix Them)

If you feel you are tired throughout the day or lack energy, you are not alone. As a Registered Dietitian, fatigue is one of the most common symptoms people often tell me. While feeling tired once in a while is completely normal. The problem arises when you are constantly feeling...

The Benefits of UAF1000+ Super Antioxidant

An antioxidant is a compound that blocks the damaging effects of "free radicals. "Most commonly, antioxidants are abundant in whole foods, fruits, and vegetables, but they are also sold as dietary supplements for those who don't eat enough unprocessed whole foods.  Read More

Green Tea Benefits For Leaky Gut and Sugar Level Management

Gut problems are one of the most common concerns nowadays. A leaky gut is one of the most common concerns when you have a permeable intestinal wall. This can lead bacteria and toxins to leak from your intestines to other places in your body. New research has come into place...

5 Common Foods You Are Eating Wrong

Most people believe that eating healthy is all about food. While the food you add does play an essential role in your nutrition, most people forget that how you prepare it or its origin also plays an equally important role in your health. Depending on the type of processing a...

Top 5 Benefits Of FREZZOR Superfoods: What Does Science Say?

You absolutely need to include FREZZOR's Superfood raw energy supplement in your fitness regimen. Why? That's what we will be discussing in this article. There are various evidence-based reasons why superfoods comprise the main ingredients of FREZZOR supplements. We will see how the unique superfoods in FREZZOR's Superfood raw energy...

Collagen For Men: Do They Need It And How To Supplement

Collagen supplements are frequently associated with having beautiful skin, leading people to assume that only women should have them as their beauty supplement. However, along with dermal health maintenance, collagen is essential for many other vital functions in our body. Being responsible for 30% of the body's protein - Collagen...

7 Things To Boost Your Metabolism

Nowadays, it’s very common to hear the word “metabolism.” While you might not know what it is, you probably have heard of ways to boost or improve it. Several supplements promise a miracle cure to boost your metabolism and lose weight. But what if it’s as simple as including high...

10 Ways to Improve Brain Health

The brain is the mastermind behind everything that we do. It is the one responsible for us to think, speak, and move around. While we often focus our energy on making our bodies better, we often forget about strengthening our brains. With age, our cognitive function starts declining. Thus, the...

The Mediterranean Diet: A Strategy To Reduce Inflammation

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular eating patterns. High in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats, it is not only used as a weight loss strategy but as a way to reduce inflammation in your body. One of the things I like about the...

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