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Get Winter Ready With Manuka Honey to Fight Cold

Winters, the season of flu is here! It's when we all catch a cold and experience lows in our health. But this time, let's tackle it with the healing power of New Zealand's Manuka honey.

Thick brown Manuka honey is well recognized for several of its health benefits. With several recent pieces of research being published, Manuka honey's boundless therapeutic potential is slowly unraveling. And guess what? Manuka honey can be a natural armor against winter diseases! Let's see how you can use Manuka honey for winter.


Manuka Honey To Uplift Immunity

Numerous bioactive compounds found in manuka honey are actively involved in promoting health. Studies have demonstrated its antimicrobial effects, which are the primary mechanism by which it boosts immunity. Additionally, it has been proven effective in countering the influenza virus and other disease-causing viruses. Thus it would be helpful to use  Manuka honey for cold. The honey lowers undesired inflammation through immunomodulatory actions and fights oxidative stress being a potent antioxidant. Further, manuka honey stimulates the synthesis of NO, which, in turn, has several other health benefits.

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Manuka Honey To Sweeten Drinks

You can use this sweet, earthy-flavored honey to naturally sweeten and flavor your drinks. It can go well with warm beverages as well as holiday spirits. Adding Manuka honey to your drinks will not only help you to cut down calories but will also protect you against common wintertime respiratory infections. Here is a simple honey lemon ginger tea recipe that you can enjoy in this delightful winter.

Honey Lemon Ginger Tea Recipe


1 Lemon

1-inch-long Ginger

1 tablespoon Manuka honey

Half a teaspoon of Tea leaves


Method of preparation:

Heat 2 cups of water in a vessel, and when about to boil, add crushed ginger. As soon as it boils, add the tea leaves and brew till the desired color is obtained. Now, take it off the heat source and add the lemon juice. Mix well. Lastly, add the Manuka honey, mix it, and enjoy!


Manuka Honey to Glaze Vegetables and Ham

Manuka honey's thick sticky consistency and subtle sweetness can make great vegetable glazes. It will also add a very pleasing flavor to your preparation, and what's more, adding Manuka honey to the recipe will make it healthier. Here's an easy recipe for mustard honey glaze, have a look!

Mustard Honey Glaze Recipe


1 cup Manuka honey

1 cup spicy/yellow mustard

Half a cup of brown sugar

A quarter cup of pineapple juice


Method of preparation:

In a bowl, take mustard, brown sugar, and pineapple juice. Mix them well until well combined. Now all you have to do is put in the Manuka honey, mix well and coat your food with this delicious glaze!


Manuka Honey To Nourish Your Skin

Winter snatches away all the moisture from your beautiful skin and leaves it looking dry and damaged. You can put Manuka honey's humectant properties into action and retain the suppleness of your skin. You can either directly apply the honey to your skin or mix it with your favorite masks. The honey's antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant activities will further preserve your skin health.

One thing you have to be cautious about while buying a jar of Manuka honey is its authenticity. The New Zealand Government issues the New Zealand Fernmark to genuine New Zealand exporters that meet the quality standards. Make sure to get yours from a well-trusted New Zealand producer whose carries the Fernmark (a symbol of New Zealand’s iconic Silver fern) and a corresponding license number on the label.

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Get your jar of Manuka honey today, and get ready to enjoy a healthy winter!


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