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Top 10 Serious Health Threats In America

Being one of the most progressive and advanced countries in the world, America has a highly advanced healthcare system with adept health professionals and a top-notch healthcare system. Excellent healthcare means a very healthy population, right? Alas! It’s not. Mostly thanks to new unhealthy lifestyle choices and dietary habits. In this article, let’s have a look at the top 10 health challenges faced by Americans.

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Can You Avoid Heart Attacks? YES!

Over 550 million people worldwide suffer from heart and circulation diseases, and this figure has been growing as a result of altered lifestyles, unhealthy dietary practices, and greater exposure to dangerous environmental pollutants. If this trend persists, the prevalence of heart disease will rise further. Heart diseases take around 19...

Relationship Between Aging and Inflammation Simplified!

Currently, there is a lot of interest in the subject of inflammation. Every day, a plethora of new scientific papers are published, making it increasingly evident that inflammation plays a role in a wide range of degenerative diseases. Aging is one of the factors which puts us at risk of...

Why is Manuka Honey So Expensive?

Native to New Zealand, manuka honey holds a special position in their traditional medicine. This earthy-flavored honey is currently all over the internet. Do you know why? Obviously, due to its unparalleled health benefits! Manuka honey has scientifically proven to have excellent wound healing properties along with antimicrobial, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory,...

How to Fight A Cold With FREZZOR. Our Top 6 Supplement to Boost Immunity

Natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins are the best way to help keep your immune system healthy. However, there might be times when you need an extra boost. That is where supplements might be of great value. At FREZZOR, we have natural and...

Get Winter Ready With Manuka Honey to Fight Cold

Winters, the season of flu is here! It's when we all catch a cold and experience lows in our health. But this time, let's tackle it with the healing power of New Zealand's Manuka honey. Thick brown Manuka honey is well recognized for several of its health benefits. With several...

10 Healthy Gifts For The Holidays According To A Dietitian

The holiday season is around the corner. As such, it is very common for people to experience weight gain. With the increased frequency of social gatherings, dinner parties, and gifts, no wonder most people increase 5-6 lbs on average during this season. While you cannot control the events you attend,...

Top 7 Most Inflammatory Foods To Avoid

One of the leading causes of death worldwide is chronic inflammatory ailments. The World Health Organization has spotted chronic inflammation as the biggest threat to human health. Because of the bad dietary and lifestyle choices that the majority of us make, it is predicted that the prevalence of diseases linked...

Manuka Honey In The Treatment Of Severe Lung Infections

Experts are expressing concern about the rise in drug-resistant bacterial infections, which already claim the lives of tens of thousands of people each year and are predicted to rise in the upcoming years. The outstanding antibacterial and wound-healing qualities of Manuka honey are world-famous. Is its antibacterial power potent enough...

6 Effective Natural Ways To Heal Stomach Ulcers

A considerable portion of the population globally is affected by stomach ulcers. Each year, 4 million people worldwide are diagnosed with stomach ulcers, and 12–14% of those cases result in deadly consequences such as a perforated gastrointestinal tract. There is plenty of scientific evidence demonstrating how various natural cures can...

Supplements That Can Help Fight A Cold And 3 Natural Ways to Fight It

With the weather getting colder, it increases the risk of the common cold or cold. In some cases, when there is a temperature drop, it might mean it's time to take out all those supplements that can help boost your immune system and prevent you from getting sick. However, with...

Can Certain Types Of Common Gut Bacteria Increase Our Risk Of Heart Disease?

There is growing evidence that common gut bacteria are associated with the development of major blockages of the coronary arteries. These bacteria are generally considered good bacteria because they live in our gut, where they have a beneficial effect on our health. However, doctors and clinical researchers are now finding...

Green-lipped Mussel Oil or NSAIDs: Which Is The Better Long-Term Support For Healthy Joints & Improved Flexibility?

For the longest time, we have relied on over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication from the pharmacy, such as NSAIDs, to help manage our chronic joint pain. But is the constant daily use of NSAIDs really helping to improve our health or hurting us? Can NSAIDs actually address the root cause of...

How To Restore Gut Health After Antibiotics

A healthy gut microbiome plays a crucial role in your health. The gut in your intestines can help regulate your immune system and hormones and reduce the risk of chronic illness. When you take antibiotics, it wipes all your bacteria. Either good or bad. So, now that you have a...

The Perfect Combination of Products to Live An Active and Healthy Lifestyle Over 40 years old

Once we reach 40 years old, some of us will start to notice changes in our muscle strength and joint mobility. These changes are not simply a figment of our imagination, according to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine researchers in Baltimore, Maryland, but a real phenomenon. Read More

Best Nutrition for High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. There are many forms of heart disease. Two of the most common are high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. It is common to hear someone taking medication to lower their blood pressure or cholesterol levels. While this can...

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